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9 mars 2008 7 09 /03 /mars /2008 00:23
Born 1973 in Erkelenz, Central Germany, Michael Bauer lives and works in Cologne, Germany. He is a member of the young avant-garde painting scene. And yet he cannot be assigned to one particular school or other, instead inventing unique forms of painting that challenge our perceptual faculties and interpretative frames. Bauer produces his paintings on beige or brown background. And on this neutral backdrop, his strange compositions float.

Figuration and abstraction merge to form hybrid shapes that have the feel of grotesque children’s dreams. Surrealistic associations, geometric shapes and esoteric-spiritual themes blend into a new whole that triggers a panoply of associations in the viewer. For the Art & Entrepreneurship exhibition tour Michael Bauer has contributed one of his typical cacophonies of figurative and ornamental elements. The evolving personality on the canvas can be described as vaguely canine, sporting a round brown nose and a black mini bowler hat. Bauer’s paintings are not about the characterization of a certain person, instead the artist is interested in the very idea of representation.

For the auction Michael Bauer will produce a new painting inspired by the set of entrepreneurial values provided by Credit Suisse. Bauer’s painting is highly dynamic and each picture has the energy of a rock concert. Which is no coincidence, as the artist is a member of the Cologne noise band Die Bäume. There, painting and music fuse, generating an intangible primordial brew of the new, a microcosm of the unfathomable and monstrous, of pure corporeality and wild fantasy. Together with Tim Berresheim, in 2002, Michael Bauer opened the Brotherslasher exhibition space in Cologne. He has held solo shows at Hotel in London, Galerie Peter Kilchmann in Zurich and the Kunstverein Bonn. In 2008, he takes part in the show The Triumph of Painting: Germania at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

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